High-Tech Dentistry in Grand Rapids

Our doctors use some of the latest equipment that modern dental technology has to offer. Below, you can read about some of the high-tech dentistry equipment we use to make dental treatment more efficient and comfortable.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - DiagnodentDIAGNOdent – the modern tool for finding tooth decay

    A handheld caries detection device made by KaVo Dental, the DIAGNOdent is a fabulous tool for locating otherwise hidden decay – inside the tooth – invisible to the eye or an X-ray. It uses a harmless laser and fluorescent light to expose decay in its earliest stages. Any decay shows up on a digital readout with an audio signal – giving a truly accurate and reliable diagnosis!

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Ultrasonic ScalerModern, comfortable Ultrasonic Scaler by DenMat®

    Our hygienists use the Pro-Select Platinum® Scaler, featuring Advanced Comfort Technology™. It is a piezo-scaler that moves across the tooth horizontally, rather than vertically – in other words, it’s more comfortable for you, the patient. This high-tech scaler uses high-frequency sound waves to blast away hard stains without harming your teeth. It also increases the speed of cleanings!

  • Digital X-rays

    We use high-speed X-rays that emit 80% less radiation than film X-rays. They allow us to examine fine details, making your diagnoses more accurate. Displayed on a monitor, they allow you, the patient, to see the problematic areas as well, helping you understand any areas needing attention.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Digital Panoramic X-raysDigital Panoramic X-rays

    A panoramic X-ray captures a detailed, panoramic view of your teeth. This gives us a high-quality image of the entire mouth. It’s often used to evaluate jaw joint problems and plan denture cases or orthodontic treatment. Digital X-rays are safer and help us comply with regulatory guidelines governing the reduction of radiation exposure.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Intraoral CamerasIntraoral Cameras

    Intraoral cameras are small handheld digital cameras that project an enlarged image of the inside of your mouth onto a computer screen. We use the intraoral camera as an exam, treatment planning and educational tool for our patients.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Laser DentistryDental Lasers

    Dental lasers make cosmetic gum recontouring and removal of lesions or skin tags more comfortable for the patient. The laser makes procedures go faster, reduces the amount of bleeding, causes less swelling, speeds up healing times, and does not cause any lasting discomfort after the procedure is completed.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - PeripressSafe, comfortable injections with Peripress®

    To make your procedures needing anesthesia as comfortable as possible, we use the state-of-the-art Peripress® Syringe. It allows us – with absolute safety – to inject into a specific spot in between the teeth. Earlier techniques where an entire side of the mouth is numbed to work on one tooth, is no longer necessary!

  • High-Tech Dentistry - BioceramicState-of-the-art Root Canal Therapy

    Bioceramic technology: using the best materials for sealing your root canal

    Bioceramics uses a mixture of bio-friendly metals and minerals. Our office uses the Brasseler USA® EndoSequence® BC (bioceramic) Sealer™ to seal up the root canal in preparation for filling it. The BC Sealer™ is antibacterial, non-toxic and has superior bonding qualities.

    Apex locator: ensuring accurate Root Canal Therapy

    The apex of a tooth is the very tip of the root. An apex locator is a flexible, high-precision hand instrument that measures, and gives a digital readout of, the exact length of the tooth root. It enables us to feel around curves and irregular shapes inside the tooth root, giving you a more thorough and accurate root canal treatment.

    Rotary electric hand pieces for accuracy and efficiency

    In root canal therapy, the canal needs to be filed and shaped in preparation for sealing and filling. We use electric rotary hand pieces to give us more control and optimum precision.

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