Dental Implants in Grand Rapids

The modern tooth replacement solution

Dental Implants in Grand Rapids

Dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth. They can be used to support a single crown or a full set of dentures.

A dental implant is a bio-friendly titanium tooth “root” that is inserted snugly into the empty socket left by a missing tooth. It is capped, or restored, with a single crown, bridge or denture.

We have an excellent relationship with our trusted partner in getting your implant placed. Once the implant site is healed, we provide a beautiful, lifelike restoration to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.

Dr. Mulder is experienced and knowledgeable in restoring implants. He is teamed with an excellent oral surgeon who uses the best materials available for implants.

Free Dental Implant Consultation

Learn more about dental implants in this free consultation, which includes:

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Learn about the benefits of implants
  • Review your treatment options
  • Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants
  • Get your questions answered

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Our Dental Implant Procedure

First, our doctors will determine your eligibility for dental implants during a dental implant consultation. This is done by measuring the amount of bone in your jaw, and taking other health factors into account. They will present the different treatment options that are best for you.

For the implant placement, we partner with a highly trained and experienced oral surgeon located very close to our office. We have an excellent relationship and have worked together as a team on many implant cases.

Once the implant is placed, we will provide a temporary restoration, usually a removable appliance, for your comfort until the site is completely healed.

The final step – your new attractive, functional tooth replacement!

After the implant site is healed and ready, we will restore it with a top-quality durable crown – or, depending on the number of teeth replaced, a bridge or denture. You now will have a tooth replacement that looks and acts like a natural tooth!

Benefits of Dental Implants for missing teeth

Dental Implants behave like natural teeth

Dental ImplantsA dental implant is the most reliable tooth replacement solution, because it restores full chewing power and function.

Dental Implants can last a lifetime

The material used for dental implants is a biocompatible titanium – meaning it doesn’t irritate your tissue. It eventually integrates with the bone in which it is placed – and it never decays!

Dental Implants keep adjacent teeth stable

When there’s an empty space in the mouth due to a missing tooth, the other teeth shift crookedly toward the gap. This can cause bite problems or bad spacing that promotes tooth decay. An implant fills in the empty space and keeps the adjacent teeth stable.

Dental Implants prevent facial sagging and premature bone loss

When teeth are missing, bone loss gets progressively worse. The part of the face between the nose and chin starts to sink inward toward the mouth. This ages a person’s appearance. Implants preserve the bone and helps prevent this problem.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can prevent the bone loss that occurs when tooth roots are left unreplaced.

Dental Implants can help keep you free of gum disease

With empty spaces in the mouth from missing teeth, food is easily trapped, promoting bacterial growth on the adjacent tooth roots, leading to gum disease. Shifting teeth, resulting in a poor bite, can also cause gum disease to develop. Dental implants keep these gaps filled with sturdy tooth replacements and help prevent gum disease.

Who are candidates for Dental Implants?

In the past, patients with low levels of jawbone, or those who suffered from health conditions and poor oral habits were unable to get dental implants. However, due to advancing techniques in bone grafting and implant placement technology most people can now get dental implants. Even those who suffer from diabetes are candidates, yet the success rate is somewhat reduced because of their reduced healing ability.

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