Patient Testimonials

Aaron’s treatment went above and beyond his expectations after losing a tooth in an accident, and he is thrilled with his results.

Patient Testimonials - Aaron

“I am now a regular at the office and could not be more thrilled with the treatment I received. The entire team is friendly and instantly make me feel comfortable and at ease. They are well trained, and I know I will be getting five-star treatment each time I walk through the door. My smile looks great! But most importantly, my teeth and gums are healthy again.”

Sheray likes the friendly office staff and the compliments she gets on her smile.

Patient Testimonials - Sheray“A co-worker referred me to Dr. Mulder, and I found him to be a friendly and professional dentist. I really like my hygienist, Renee, and everyone is very welcoming. I enjoy the personal touches: friendly greetings and conversation.

“It’s great to get compliments on my smile.”

Kory got rid of his headaches and is not afraid to smile again after his treatment.

Kory“I was in a lot of pain and needed dental work done right away. A friend told me about Dr. Mulder.

“I was met with a friendly atmosphere from my first step in the door. They want you here, and they take care of your teeth in a professional manner. Dr. Mulder knows what he’s doing and was able to repair my teeth, and helped me to get rid of my headaches. He makes the right plan and explains it thoroughly. The receptionists are on their game. They work around my schedule and let me know of upcoming appointments. They always help with any questions I have.

“Most importantly – I’m not afraid to smile again.”

Nina, after having a poor dental experience elsewhere, was able to turn it around at VanderLugt & Mulder Dental with friendly, knowledgeable and helpful service.

Patient Testimonials - Nina“In the past, the hygienist who cleaned my teeth was so rough my gums would be swollen and my teeth would hurt for hours afterward. I haven’t had that issue here. I’ve had nothing but great experiences.

“It was years since I had been to a dentist.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and they provided me with information on improving my TMJ disorder. I keep up on my dental visits now and go every six months for cleanings and checkups.”

Hope handled her crooked teeth in less than the expected time, and now has more confidence in her appearance.

Patient Testimonials - Hope“The treatment (braces) was faster than the time predicted, and Dr. Mulder always let me know the next steps we needed to take in order to move things along. I only had braces for 17 months, rather than 24 months.

“Dr. Mulder and the staff were welcoming and personable, and they made going to checkups fun. I am very confident with my smile and couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Brody is having fun learning to take care of his teeth at a very young age.

Patient Testimonials - Brody“I was six years old and had never been to the dentist, so Mom made me an appointment. Dr. Mulder found that I had three cavities and took care of them. I like when he tells me that I am doing a good job taking care of my teeth.

“When I go for a visit, I get to watch TV, and I get a new toothbrush, toothpaste and a prize.”