Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Grand Rapids

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Restore your smile to full health and beauty

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Our doctors will explain procedures and answer all your questions before beginning any work.

The treatment known as full-mouth reconstruction refers to a series of procedures tailored to your individual needs, to restore your mouth to a healthy, attractive state.

Dr Mulder is very experienced at providing comprehensive dental care that can transform an unhealthy condition into a smile that is both beautiful and fully functional.

Accurate diagnosis and careful planning of your treatment

Conservative, practical approach tailored to your needs

Our approach to restoring your oral health is both practical and conservative. We work within your budgetary and scheduling scope, never pushing unnecessary procedures.

We work incrementally when providing complex treatment, spreading the dental work over a period of time that is comfortable for you.

Diagnosing for treatment

We begin by reviewing your medical and dental history and performing a comprehensive oral exam that includes screening for oral cancer and gum disease. We chart the amount of space between your teeth and gums so that we will be able to address any current or future issues, such as “pockets” that often lead to periodontal disease.

We take a full set of X-rays and digital photos when diagnosing your teeth and gums, and for planning your treatment. This may include panoramic X-rays as well, for a view of your entire jaw.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Our patient coordinator will help you work out how to get the treatment you need.

Written treatment plan

The doctor will give you a written treatment plan and you will then see the patient coordinator, who will help you work out a plan for getting the work done. You may be shown videos and given pamphlets about the procedure to be done and will be able to go over payment options and get any other questions answered.

Our procedures for Full-Mouth Reconstruction

A full-mouth reconstruction can involve one or more of the following:

$49 New Patient Exam, X-rays and Consultation

Full-Mouth ReconstructionTo find out exactly what is needed to restore your smile, you can take advantage of this special offer which includes.

  • Review health history
  • Full series of digital photographs
  • Panoramic X-ray
  • 4 bitewing X-rays
  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Periodontal exam and charting
  • TMJ screening
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Written treatment plan

A $254 value

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